post-inspection-perfection1) Inspection  (Before we begin we will take a look at your carpet/upholstery to determine the condition and  decide on what method of cleaning will be needed to get the job done right)

1  2) Vacuum (To remove dust, dirt, and crumbs from the carpet or upholstery)
2  3) Pre-Spray Traffic & Stain Spotter (Remove the dirtiest & the toughest stains set on the carpet e.g.(Make-up, Juice stains, Blood, urine, coffee stains, beer & liquor and etc.) It benefits by loosening dirty soils bringing them to the tip of the fibers then is ready for the next step.
3  4) Shampoo (Deep cleans into the fibers to fully remove dirt & stains. Helps brighten your carpet leaving it soft and clean)
4  5) Brush (We hand brush stains, oil, grease, and gum and hard candy stuck on carpet to remove it) This method helps saturate chemicals deep into the fiber working the product to loosen the stain so when extracted its gone.
5  6) Extract Chemicals & Water (Chemicals & water sprayed through steam cleaning is extracted to make  the drying process much faster)
6  7) Deodorize & Disinfect (To eliminate any bad odour set on carpet to make it smelling fresh. Disinfect to remove germs & bacteria.)